New Blog Theme

Yes, I’ve done some decorating around here, well, actually I got the interior designers in as I didn’t write this theme. I have retired my own custom theme as I felt it wasn’t making the most of the features that WordPress has to offer such as widgets and plugins.

This Carrington Framework Overview gives you an idea of some of the details that can go into making the best theme possible and right now I just don’t have the time to dedicate to my own theme to do it right. Instead, I have found myself a new theme and done some customization on it, and no doubt it will be tweaked in the days and weeks to come.

3 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

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  2. I’m using my own theme on a couple of sites. I had thought that once I got it perfect I would offer it for free downloads, but it’s always able to avoid perfection somehow. It works fine on my sites with a little tinkering, but someone downloading it for their own site would have to do more tinkering than they would expect when downloading a theme.

    Most of the time, though, I just take a solidly built theme and start tinkering.

  3. Yeah, that’s my problem too. It works ‘well enough’ for personal use but for someone to download and use, it needs to be more polished.