JTexGen – Procedural Texture Library Released

Download Here

I have finally found the time to finally release my library for creating procedural textures called JTexGen under the LGPL license. It is a framework for rendering and viewing procedural textures which you can then use as images, backgrounds and textures for modelling. Because the textures are procedural, you can ramp up the resolution of the image to get increased detail without getting blocky artifacts.

Demo Images

The source code for the above images is included in the distribution and also discussed in the reference documentation. These images are reproduced untouched after being generated using a few lines of Java code.

The distribution contains the usuals (source, a jar, javadocs can be built in maven) and also a reference manual in pdf and html format. The reference manual describes what procedural textures are and how to use the framework to create them. The library itself is thread safe, and uses multiple threads to render the images.

The files can be downloaded from Project Kenai, and contains nearly 100 different textures and signals you can use.

Open Source is Hard

I’ve been working on getting my procedural texture library completed and released to the public which should be ready next week. I’m currently going through the difficulties that always go with getting that last bit of polish on a project to get it ready for public consumption. In particular, I’ve just switched over to maven as a build process and moved it into Project Kenai.
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