Conversational Pitfalls

Seam conversations have certain rules that you need to be aware of when using them. This article came about because for the last couple of years, the same questions have been asked on the Seam forums regarding conversations. It is also a couple of issues that cropped up while I was working on the Seam vs. Spring Web Flow articles. Some of the problems are uncannily similar with similar solutions, so parts of this series may be of interest to non-Seam users. Additionally, it seems like a lot of this stuff will also apply to the conversational pieces of JSR 299 – Contexts and Dependency Injection which will be a part of JEE 6.
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Notes On Choosing A Web Framework

I’m looking at starting a new project and once again find myself choosing between frameworks. Having spent some time evaluating different ones I wrote up some notes to share and get some feedback that might alter my thoughts or opinions. Here’s the criteria I’m using to choose a framework in no particular order.
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Creating A Spring Web Flow JSF Project From Scratch

(Updated – 9 August 2010 – This was written in my pre-Maven days and after a few requests for working source, I’ve built the same project using Maven which can be downloaded. Just unzip the maven project, go to the directory in the command line and type mvn jetty:run to start the server and deploy the project. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/swfproject/home.jsf or http://localhost:8080/swfproject/spring/testFlow to see the pages demonstrated in the tutorial.

I recently had to start another project using Spring Web Flow and found myself banging my head against a brick wall to get the web flow stuff set up and to request the page properly. As a result, I decided to write up my results as a quick how-to for other developers should they find themselves in the same situation and also as a reference for myself the next time I need to start a Spring Web Flow project using Spring Faces from scratch.This article is meant more of a “here’s-how” as opposed to a “how-to” or an “explain-why” so we’ll move at a quick pace with little explanation.
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Spring vs Seam Part 4 – Coming Soon (honest)

I know it has been a while since I pushed out my last piece on Spring Web Flow vs Seam, but I am still trying to get it ready. With Christmas, software releases at work leading to a hectic work schedule, and other stuff I have limited time. Furthermore, I am still re-writing parts of it, and I end up digressing into related info that is not central to the piece. Also, I am still having difficulty accurately writing up the final conclusion in a fair, and informed manner.
However, hopefully, I will get it completed in the next week here and I can get it released. I may also have some additional material for blog posts.