Logging Conversation Demarcation In Seam

One way to see where your conversations start and end is to use the Seam event model to observe the conversation start and ends.

public class ConversationListenerBean implements ConversationListener {

	private Log log;
	private Conversation conversation;

	public void observeConversationStart() {
		log.debug("Conversation #0 Started",conversation.getId());		
	public void observeConversationEnd() {
		log.debug("Conversation #0 Ended",conversation.getId());

Just add this bean into your project and it will automatically log when you start and end conversations.

2 thoughts on “Logging Conversation Demarcation In Seam

  1. Todd Trimmer

    What is the FQN of ConversationListener? What version of SEAM?

  2. The FQN is defined as “conversationListener”, this is a bean you add in your project. You can call it what you want since Seam creates it, registers the event listeners and just calls it when a conversation is started or ended.

    It should work in any version of Seam 2.03CR1 and above. I think these events were added around this version, but it is possible the event names got changed in another version.