This tutorial will show you how to install DataValve into your local Maven repository. You should already have Maven installed locally on your machine into which we will be installing the DataValve libraries.


  • Install Maven
  1. First, download the DataValve framework and place it into a temporary folder of your choice.
  2. Open a command prompt and change directory to the <install-dir>\modules\ folder
  3. in the modules folder, type the command :
    mvn clean javadoc:jar source:jar install
  4. This will compile the code, source and javadocs and install them into the local maven repository for use in your local maven applications.

Once installed, to use DataValve in a Maven project you will need to add the necessary DataValvel modules as dependencies :


Typically, adding the datavalve-dataset artifact pulls in the core module also. From there, you just need to add modules that your development environment will be dependent on (Wicket, JSF, Swing etc).