Every few months the burden of broken promises to write more blog posts mounts to the point that I have write a post addressing the lack of blogging.

Between hitting the gym 3 times a week, my son having leg surgery, running cubs once a week (plus weekend camps) and spending at least some time with family, time has been very limited for blogging and doing anything else. As I’ve said previously, blogging is like any other muscle that you lose if you don’t use it on a regular basis making writing again even more of a challenge. However, I decided that if I can’t set out to blog about programming matters, I’m going to try and blog about some of the lifestyle things that have been going on.

I’m currently back on the keto diet and back at the gym lifting weights, currently doing 5X5 strong lifts. I’ll be blogging about some of those subjects in an aim to flex the blogging muscle and maybe find a way to write some more technical oriented posts that I’d like to get to.

I’d also like to include some shorter and pithier posts that don’t take days to write and remember that this isn’t Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, so in the spirit of that I’m going to end this post here.