I haven’t been writing for a while since I’ve been busy working on several things right now.

First off, after a few months of job hunting, I’ve changed jobs, I’m now doing some Java contract work down in Pittsburgh. After 11 years at my old job, it was time to move on. The great thing about contract work is the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects in a lot of different places. After being stuck in Cleveland for 11 years, we are ready for some changes.

I also want to try and get into doing some more Java EE 6 and CDI training. A lot of people are unsure of how it is all meant to work together and are missing out on the real beauty and simplicity of working with these frameworks.

Rick, Rob and I have been doing some more work with CDISource and anticipate a release of our source in the next few weeks. Once thats out, I want to start playing with some of the Seam 3 stuff especially with regards to CDI. We announced CDISource and then all of a sudden we all got busy with different things, and we have some code we want to release for which we have a number of articles to write.

Between moving, unpacking, starting a new gig, which always fries the brain for a few weeks, and having my Mum over from Manchester,England, I haven’t really been having time to write or work on projects.

I have a new release of the Knappsack almost ready to go which includes Spring based archetypes and also a Java EE 6 EAR archetype as well as a couple of new posts.