Dan Allen posted that the latest CR version of Weld is available. This should contain a number of bug fixes from the initial release of Weld, including the two problems I had with the request scope being available in EJB timeouts and problems with the ability to proxy stateless beans. This last bug was for me rather crucial since there was no easy way to implement DAO (just data management) type components with transactional annotations that could be injected into business logic beans. Without that, you end up having to write your own transaction handling code.

Also in the comments of the announcement, Max Anderson notes that the nightly builds of JBoss Tools 3.1 now supports CDI auto completion and JSF 2.0. I had a very quick look at it yesterday and it looks promising. I also tried it out with the latest JBoss 6 snapshot and am very pleased to say that the redeployment times on JBoss 6 are much faster and more in line with the performance on Glassfish which is something I have raved about.

I’ll be looking at it some more and probably write up a couple of tutorial posts.