I’m linking this vid as a must see. Not only is it a great song (Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing), but it is an awesome version of the song. I would say almost better than the original except for the band section in the middle which sounds synthesized, and a lack of rock edged guitar in a song which had very little to start with. The pilot for Glee was shown a few weeks ago, but the series won’t show until Fall. I found the show somewhat amusing, the stereotypes were a little forced and over the top but but I think it can be a hit if they pick their songs and their revamps right. This song was certainly a huge hit with viewers. It has been compared with High School Musical, which I don’t think is quite fair. This show seemed to be geared towards family as opposed to being a product of the tween targeting Disney machine, and it seems like it will contain a blend of serious drama elements. Regardless this song absolutely rocks!

Man, this video takes me back to choir and orchestra when I was at school.

(updated : Switched youtube link since the original was removed because of Fox claiming the copyright (even though you can get the episode online for free). The link (like many) now only has the music which is slightly different from the video version).

If you would like to see the extended trailer, you can see it here