Well, I’ve had family in town for the last couple of weeks, and since the Lost finale, I’ve been tied up and thus not posting. Normally people shouldn’t blog about blogging, but it’s my one year anniversary of both blogging and switching over to Ubuntu from Windows.
Taking a break was good as I tend to longer meatier posts (lost recaps or dev posts), and I still have a bunch I’m working on. My Seam vs Spring vs Wicket throwdown should be out this week. I have my procedural texture library I’ve just released, but I’m going to move it over to Maven before I make it really public. I have a few Seam articles written that need polishing which covers the pitfalls in Seam, mostly due to conversations. I’m also working on a JSF 2.0 and Web Beans article and it’s something I’ve started looking into. There could be some good stuff there. I really think I need to mix in some lighter articles just throwing a few thoughts in a post on the events of the day. I tend to miss out on posting about a lot of important news because I don’t have the time to write an essay when in fact, I shouldn’t really be writing an essay, just a few succinct notes. For example the Oracle purchase or Java One, and JSF 2.0 or Web Beans being finalized. So, in my second year of blogging, I shall strive to provide some more off the cuff content as well as wordier pieces.
Also, I’ve spent the last year using Ubuntu Linux after what I thought would be a temporary switch over. In the past, I have tried Linux, but found myself entertained (or perplexed and frustrated) for a few hours and then giving up and going back to Windows. However, my wife has even enjoyed the Linux experience and we’ve not had any problems. I’m looking for a new laptop and already trying to find one that is Linux friendly.