I’ve recently changed hosting providers which so far has been a royal pain in the backside. My old provider EasyCGI were fine when I started a year ago. Last fall, they underwent some changes in their platform and since then, their service has been patchy. I’m not alone this opinion as plenty of their users are miffed over the lack of quality since their platform shift.

From experience, their customer service is also pretty bad. After their switch, I ended up with another of their customers databases in my account. I could actually go into phpAdmin in my control panel, change the content of their database, go to their web site and see the change live. Obviously, I didn’t do anything harmful, I was just testing their screw up and the site was old, and there hadn’t been a post on the forum for years.

More to the point, my database was missing and had somehow not found its way into my account. I messaged their tech support and they claimed that I hadn’t set my security password hint and I was probably hacked. Of course, obviously someone hacked into my account, removed my database and put their database in it’s place for me to fiddle with, all on the same weekend that my hosting moved everything around </sarcasm>. I had half a mind to call their bluff and ask them if I should email the feds about the matter but decided not to. I then wondered if someone less clued in than myself had found themselves in possession of my database and been told the same thing by EasyCgi and decided to take the issue up with the feds. I awaited the no-knock raid at any moment charged with forcing my nerdy ill-thought-out opinions onto the owner of KnittingCollectors.com.

Anyway, of the couple of times I had to deal with them, they were a bit pointless, and my site performance has been deteriorating since September last year and getting worse. So, since my contract was up next month, I decided to go shop around which is when my problems really started which I’ll discuss in part 2.